Balloon Columns With Numbers – How To Make A Balloon Column With A Pole

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Balloon stack kit

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Party Plus

Whatever the occasion, discovering the proper ornament at a price is usually a plus.

Party Plus gives a variety of balloon column kits in curated coloration schemes designed to assist you get the social gathering began right.

Build-Your-Own Balloon Column Kit

75″ Height When Assembled

Party Plus Build-Your-Own Balloon Column Kits are the right ornamental addition for all kinds of occasions and events. These large, but easy-to-assemble balloon columns are extra-tall (75-Inch) for that further contact you would like so as to add to any celebration or celebratory event.

Select any balloons you need or pick from a variety of our curated coloration schemes. A hand-held ballon pump is included so that you’ll be able to simply inflate your balloons and get started.


Detailed directions included in kit.


The Party Plus Build-Your-Own Balloon Column Kit consists of every thing you would like to construct TWO elaborate balloon columns. Each column is 75″ in peak when completely assembled and may be custom-made as needed.


Choose from one our of curated balloon packages to make your ornament even easier! Each package consists of one hundred balloons (25 balloons x four colors)—enough to construct two columns with loads left over for matching decorations! Mix on your personal colours and sizes to create your personal custom columns.

Or choose our primary “No Balloons” package and add no matter balloon colours or types suit your need!


Each Build-Your-Own Balloon Column Kit features a balloon pump to make your adorning easy! Quickly inflate balloons utilizing the Balloon Pump and keep away from the trouble of inflating balloons manually.


The Party Plus Build-Your-Own Balloon Column Kit is particularly designed to be reusable and portable. Pack up shortly after your celebration and stow your package away to embellish your subsequent party!

Balloon Column KitBalloon Column Kit (Pink)Balloon Column Kit (Blue)Balloon Column Kit (Metallic)Balloon Column Kit (Pastel)
Complete Set for Two Balloon Columns
100 Premium Latex Balloons Included
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How to make a balloon column with a pole

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There are a number of balloon kits available on the market you may purchase to assist you construct your very personal balloon column. Balloons column kits can fluctuate from $15 – $30 for every column, counting on the place you reside and the place you purchase from. If you select to rent a balloon skilled to make you some balloon columns they will value between $60 and a number of other hundred dollars every column, counting on measurement and the place you purchase from.

Or with slightly instruction, you’ll be able to make your personal and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. If you’ve by no means made a balloon column before, they might appear intimidating however let me reassure you they will be fairly simple. Today I’m going to point out the way to make an easy balloon column.

How to make a balloon stand up on a stick

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BEISHIDA Balloon Stands for Table are the Easiest Tools to Receive More Compliments for Party Decoration and different have a good time events, make the environment extra enjoyable.

Applicable theme

Birthday party, Wedding,Baby show, Festival or Home decoration, Halloween, Christmas and different celebration decorations.

Assembly guide

1.Assemble the desk balloon stand.

2.Blow up 7 balloons for every balloon stand.(Latex balloons or foil balloons is Ok)

3.Tie balloons to the cups.

4.Then a stunning balloon desk centerpieces is ready.

5.Please Note:Check your gadgets earlier than use!


1.Our balloon sticks are made from extremely sturdy materials and are made to face up to a number of uses.

2.Use easily. This balloon stand is straightforward to collect and disassemble in only simply a few minutes.

3.Reusable. It’s sturdy and additionally you’ll be able to save then use for subsequent use.

4.No want for helium, Just the air can obtain the identical effect.

5.You can DIY! You can create your personal distinctive balloon desk centerpieces by means of simply utilizing assorted colours or patterns of balloons.

DIY your personal distinctive balloon centerpiece! No want helium!

Mix diverse colour or sample of balloons to get your personal distinctive model for various cerebrations.

Our balloon bracket has seven brackets and three assorted heights, these diverse peak matching can completely show the sweetness of the balloons, even when there’s no different decorations may even be matched to realize the good impact overally.

Balloons are have to be bought separately. We primarily runing social gathering decorations. If you would like something on your celebration go and get in our retailer to get them. Thay are lovely and durable.


How to make a balloon stand with pvc

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The balloon arch package best for wedding ceremony birthday Christmas Halloween social gathering decorations, catered presentations, child showers and so on. Use your creativity to D.I.Y and embellish your social gathering with diverse balloons.

Item included:

How to Install the Balloon Arch Kit How to Install the Balloon Arch Kit How to Install the Balloon Arch Kit

 Balloon Arch Kit-8

How to make balloon columns with string

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Step One: Get Some Weight

Remember these dry beans or rice? Well, I use them as an anchor weight for my balloon. No, you don’t need to buy that $3 weight to carry your column in place. Just purchase a $1 bag of beans or rice. You might also have some already on your house. Yes, you’ll want a weight; otherwise, your column might be shifting round your room. This can be splendid whenever you have to by some means connect fingers to the column and put it to work as your “balloon staff.”

Okay, again to reality. I selected kidney beans, and took one in all my balloons (any color) and crammed it with the beans.

I tried to create a funnel and stick it in my balloon to permit the kidney beans to slip proper in. It didn’t work, so I put the beans in one-by-one. I guess I can’t all the time be resourceful.

Step Two: Blow Up Your Balloons

Start via creating your quads. For this primary example, I am demonstrating making a column utilizing just one color. I blow up two balloons at a time utilizing my electrical pump and tie them together. Then I take two of those pairs, wrap them round one another 2-4 occasions and create a quad. How do I make all of the balloons the identical size? I eyeball it. No one goes to return and measure every of your balloons. And in the event that they do, get to understand them better. Find out what led them to change into a balloon inspector. Do they do it for fun? How a few years of teaching did they receive? As lengthy because it seems to be concerning the identical size, you’ll be fine. I discover consolation in precision, so I do maintain my balloons as much as one another to get near the identical size.

Back to the quad! You additionally can blow up 4 balloons, tie them individually, then tie them collectively to make a pair. My pump permits me to save lots of a step. Watch below:

Step Three: Start With Your Weight

No, I’m not asking you to get on the scale. I imply the balloon that you simply full of beans, rice, or one thing else you present on your pantry. Tie your string round your weight. You’ll need to forgive me for this video. Because I used clear elastic line for beaded jewelry, it made it style of slippery. I promise you; I can tie a knot as lengthy as a result of it isn’t rubber!

Step Four: Attach Your Quad

We are within the house stretch! This is thrilling since you’re about to make your brief and straightforward balloon column, unlocking a universe of possibilities. Okay, that’s the inventive speaking in me, and I don’t need to overwhelm you. Let’s release the door that will get you to adorning your party. We will gently shut the universe door as a result of that’s an excessive amount of for proper now.

What you’ll need to do is place your quad on peak of the load after which take your string and wrap it round a minimum of two balloons to safe it in place. This is the start of the place balloons might pop alongside the way. If they do, the good factor about wrapping them and never tying the string is that you simply can simply unwrap it repair the damaged quad, and maintain going. Remember that!

Step Five: Continue Stacking Quads

Listen intently to this part. This is prime to creating your brief and straightforward balloon column. You need to stack every quad in-between the areas of the earlier quad. That’s what provides it it’s “twisty” look. Huh? Okay, permit me to supply you with a diagram.

Here is an overhead view of your quad. The balloon pairs are tied after which twisted. This is what you must see as you look down in your work.

In your subsequent quad, the balloons will have to suit snugly in-between the areas of the earlier quad. The arrows present the place a better quad of balloons ought to lay. Since we’re doing just one color, there’s no use to fret concerning the course to rotate the quad. You will study that later on this post.

Once you’ve positioned your subsequent quad down, it’s going to appear to be so from above.

Securing Your Quad

To safe every quad to the earlier one. You will take your string, gently press down on the quad you’re attaching and wrap it round not less than two balloons in that quad. Wrap it round all 4 if you’d like. Connect it tight sufficient in order that there are not any large gaps however unfastened sufficient that it doesn’t pop. You will know if it’s too tight as a result of you’ll go to go the column, and it’s going to pop. It takes trial and error to get a really feel for what’s too unfastened and too tight, so don’t be too exhausting on your self when it involves your first column. You might be a professional with a better one. Besides, these are balloons! Have you ever heard somebody say, “That’s a horrible balloon!” Of course not, since you can’t mess up balloons! Watch the video under to see it in action.

I additionally wish to take advantage of ribbon to safe and create a column. It’s the identical software because the string, however it’s barely cheaper. I do, however, discover that the ribbon causes the balloons to pop extra often. I assume it slices by way of the balloon with its sharp edges so that you’ll need to be gentle.

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