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Tiny member of a collective crossword clue

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1 Creature within the 2019 animated movie “Abominable” : YETI

“Abominable” is a 2019 animated movie a few teenage woman named Yi and a younger yeti that she dubs Everest. The film has been banned in a number of nations in Southeast Asia, together with Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. At problem is a scene displaying a map of the South China Sea that features the disputed Nine-dash line, a disputed demarcation line defining places claimed via mainland China and Taiwan.

9 Owlet’s house : NEST

A child owl is an owlet. The time period “owlet” may even be used for the adults of the smaller species of owls.

13 Smartphone border : BEZEL

A bezel is a groove that’s designed to carry a beveled edge. An instance can be the groove across the face of a watch, which accepts the beveled fringe of an eye fixed crystal.

15 German partner : FRAU

In German, a “Herr” (Mr.) is married to a “Frau” (Mrs.), they usually dwell collectively in a “Haus” (house).

16 Aquarium ornament : CORAL

“Aquarium” is a Latin phrase which means “pertaining to water”, even though in Latin the phrase solely existed as a noun with the which means “drinking place for cattle”. Before using the noun “aquarium” (plural “aquaria”) within the context of fish, a tank become occasionally known as a marine vivarium.

17 Kate Middleton, to Archie and Lilibet : AUNT

Kate Middleton is the spouse of Prince William of the UK. Middleton is what one may perhaps name a commoner, even if since her marriage she is legendary because the Duchess of Cambridge. She became born to folks who had labored collectively as flight attendants earlier than turning into fairly rich operating their very personal mail-order business. As is so sometimes the case in Britain, Kate’s ancestry might be traced again a ways sufficient to point out that she and William do have widespread ancestors, courting again to the 1500s on her mother’s facet and to the 1400s on her father’s side.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle have two children, named Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor. The selection of “Archie” appears to haven’t any significance within the British royal family, whereas “Lilibet” is a nod to Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth became referred to as “Lilibet” via her fast family.

19 Items bought in a pop-up shop? : CHAMPAGNE CORKS

Cork, as within the fabric used to make wine stoppers, comes from the bark of cork oak trees. The bark of a cork oak is particularly thick and rugged and may be harvested each 7-10 years, with out harming the trees.

23 “Insecure” actress/writer Issa : RAE

Issa Rae is a Stanford University graduate who created a YouTube internet collection referred to as “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl”. Rae additionally performs the identify position within the series, a younger woman named “J”. “Awkward Black Girl” became tailored into an HBO comedy-drama referred to as “Insecure”, through which Issa Rae stars.

24 Items bought in a pop-up shop? : TOASTER WAFFLES

By definition, a waffle is constructed from dough or batter cooked between two patterned plates (a waffle iron). Modern-day waffles have been preceded within the Middle Ages via communion wafers utilized within the Christain tradition. Such wafers typically had photos of a crucified Jesus imprinted via the iron plates.

32 Game with a numbered board : DARTS

Darts is a recreation that’s sometimes performed in English and Irish pubs, even over right here in America. The scoring in a standard recreation of darts is tough to explain in a sentence or two, however the sport of darts referred to as “Round the Clock” is just hitting the numbers 1 via way of 20 on the dartboard in sequence.

33 “The Fiddler of Dooney” poet : YEATS

“The Fiddler of Dooney” is an 1892 poem by Irish poet William Butler Yeats. The identify refers to a hill named Dooney Rock outdoors the city of Sligo within the West of Ireland. There is a music contest referred to as the Fiddler of Dooney Competition, named for the poem, that’s held in Sligo each year.

34 Actress Mendes : EVA

I am most conversant in actress Eva Mendes because the feminine lead within the film “Hitch”, by which she performed reverse Will Smith. Mendes began a courting with fellow actor Ryan Gosling in 2011, and the couple have two youngsters together.

35 Stage award : OBIE

The Obies are the Off-Broadway Theater Awards. They have been introduced yearly since 1956. The recipients was chosen via means of “The Village Voice” newspaper, however now are collectively administered with the American Theatre Wing.

36 Tigger’s writer : MILNE

Tigger is a personality within the “Winnie-the-Pooh” reviews by A. A. Milne. He is a tiger with a springy tail and simply likes to bop around. Tigger will inform you himself that “bouncing is what tiggers do best.”

37 Home of Iowa State : AMES

Iowa State University of Science and Technology (ISU) is found in Ames, Iowa. Among many different notable milestones, ISU created the country’s first faculty of veterinary medicine, in 1879. The sports activities groups of ISU are referred to because the Cyclones.

38 Nemesis : FOE

Nemesis become a Greek goddess, the goddess of retribution. Her position become to make pay these people who have been both haughty or arrogant. In trendy parlance, one’s nemesis (plural “nemeses”) is one’s sworn enemy, sometimes somebody who’s the precise reverse in character however somebody who nonetheless shares some principal characteristics. A nemesis is usually somebody one can’t appear to overcome in competition.

39 Corral, as livestock : PEN IN

“Corral” is Spanish phrase describing an enclosure for livestock that we’ve imported into English. Ultimately, the time period comes from the Vulgar Latin “currale” which means “enclosure for carts”, itself coming from “currus”, the Latin for “cart”.

44 Post-ER place : ICU

An in depth care unit (ICU) and emergency room (ER) are present in a sanatorium (hosp.).

45 Animated Olive : OYL

“Thimble Theater” became the precursor sketch to the well-known “Popeye” drawn via E. C. Segar. Before Popeye got here into the story, the brother and sister characters Castor Oyl and Olive Oyl have been the protagonists. And then alongside comes a sailor …

46 Items bought in a pop-up shop? : JACK-IN-THE-BOXES

A Jack-in-the-box is a child’s toy. It’s a field with a crank tackle on the side. Turning the crank causes a tune to play (usually “Pop Goes the Weasel”), and on the precise second the lid pops open and a spring loaded clown character jumps up out of the box.

54 Many-axled car : SEMI

An 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck has eight wheels below the trailer, i.e. four on every of the 2 rear axles. There are 10 wheels below the tractor unit. Two of the ten wheels are on the entrance axle, and eight are on the rear two axles that sit below the entrance of the trailer.

55 Lawn care model : TORO

Toro is a producer of garden mowers and snow removing package that’s based mostly in Bloomington, Minnesota. The firm became based in 1914 to construct tractor engines.

57 “I Dream of Jeannie” megastar : EDEN

Actress Barbara Eden is biggest recognized for enjoying the identify position within the sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie”. For many years, Eden became married to fellow actor Michael Ansara, who become maybe biggest recognized for enjoying Apache Chief Cochise within the western collection “Broken Arrow” within the 1950s.

Back in 1964, the second most watched present on American tv became ABC’s “Bewitched”. Sidney Sheldon become tasked with the job of making a rival sitcom and he got here up with “I Dream of Jeannie”, which first aired in 1965 and starred Barbara Eden within the identify role. The censors had an enormous say in how the story developed. For starters, Jeannie’s skimpy gown become accepted on air, given that Eden didn’t exhibit her navel on the screen. Also, Jeannie become solely allowed to dwell with an single man as lengthy because the story made it clear that she slept in a bottle.

58 Nefarious : EVIL

Something described as “nefarious” is incredibly wicked. The time period comes from the Latin “nefarius” which means “wicked”, which in flip comes from “nefas” which means crime, or “ne-” (not) and “fas” (right).

60 Pizazz : ZING

Pizazz (also “pizzazz”) is energy, vitality. There’s a sort of cool factor concerning the “pizzazz” spelling, specifically that it’s the one 7-letter phrase in English that can’t be performed in Scrabble. You can get within reach utilizing the Z-tile with the 2 clean tiles to get to 3 of the required 4 Zs, however there’s no option to get to the fourth Z.

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