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Lake central transportation

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Middle School and High School college college college college students who stay inside the State-Prescribed

One-Mile Walk Zone (underlined streets), could give you the chance to journey faculty buses, offered they

are outside, on-time, in a position to satisfy the bus on a first-rate street location or intersection.

If not sure about stroll zone locations, contact the bus storage at numbers below.

Buses won’t be returning for college kids who pass over the common bus give up time.

Special Needs students will proceed to be offered busing as needed.

In the occasion of utmost climatic circumstances all students will be

able to journey buses, ideally with advance discover by means of calling

(518) 891-2859, texting to (518) 569-9094 or emailing [email protected]


Rainbow Lake – Gabriels – Harrietstown – Bloomingdale – Trudeau Road – Lake Colby

RIVER ROAD. – BLOOMINGDALE: “Smile” Bus #57 – Mr. Brett Giddings. AM ROUTE: Starts at St. Regis Ave. 7:35, Poplar Lane 7:41, Prospect 7:44, Maple Lane 7:47, Whiteface Lane 7:49, Main St. 7:52, Bloomingdale Road 8:01, Cantwell Way 8:12.

RAINBOW LAKE – GABRIELS – BLOOMINGDALE: “Bicycle” Bus #54 – Ms. Cheyenne Lewis. AM ROUTE: Starts at Oregon Plains Rd. 7:30, Onchiota/Route 60 7:33, Vosburgh Rd. 7:39, Jones Pond Rd. 7:45, Route 86 7:56.

TRUDEAU RD. – BEECHWOOD – LAKE COLBY – MOODY POND: “Pumpkin” Bus #56 – Mr. Dan Peer. AM ROUTE: Starts at Trudeau Rd. 7:27, Pisgah 7:31, Beechwood 7:35, Trudeau/Old Lake Colby Rd. 7:43, Grace St., 7:47, Broadway 7:51, Moody Pond 7:57, Rockledge 8:02, Saranac Lane 8:07.

BLOOMINGDALE ROAD – BLOOMINGDALE: “Smile Face” Bus #57 – Mr. Brett Giddings. PM ROUTE: Cantwell Way/Bloomingdale Road, Roosevelt Lane, George Downs, School St./Matthew/Alpine, Main St., Whiteface Lane, Maple Lane, Prospect, St. Regis Ave., Poplar, Vine, Oregon Plains, Route 55.

LAKE COLBY – TRUDEAU RD. – BEECHWOOD: “Train” Bus #59 – Mr. Steve Schmidt. PM ROUTE: Upper Broadway, Old Lake Colby, Grace St., Van Cour Ave, Trudeau Rd., Beechwood, Mt. Pisgah.

HARRIETSTOWN – SPLIT ROCK – GABRIELS – RAINBOW LAKE ONCHIOTA – OREGON PLAINS: “Bicycle” Bus #54 – Ms. Cheyenne Lewis. PM ROUTE: AMC, Harrietstown, John Peria Rd., Split Rock, Route 86, Tansy Lane, Gabriels to Route 60, Rainbow Lake, Jones Pond Rd., Vosburgh, Onchiota, Oregon Plains Rd.

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