Missouri Pick 4 Hot Numbers – Missouri Lottery Pick 4 Historical Winning Numbers

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Missouri pick 4 hot numbers

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The Missouri Lottery’s model of Pick three points 6 play varieties – straight, box, straight/box, combo, 1-off, and pairs. A participant should first decide their desired play type, then set a guess quantity between $0.50 and $5. After that, they will decide their numbers, which draw that they had wish to to join, and the way many consecutive attracts to enter.

EZ Match

For an extra $1 to the price of your ticket, you may allow EZ Match for a bet to win immediate money prizes. With EZ Match, 4 EZ Match numbers are revealed in your ticket. If your numbers event any of the EZ Match numbers, you win the prize quantity indicated.

Missouri Pick four Payouts and Odds

Play Type and MatchPrize with $1 WagerOdds
Straight$6,0001 in 10,000
Box 4-way$1,5001 in 2,500
Box 6-way$1,0001 in 1,667
Box 12-way$5001 in 833
Box 24-way$2501 in 417
Straight/Box 4-way (Exact)$3,7501 in 10,000
Straight/Box 4-way (Any)$7501 in 2,500
Straight/Box 6-way (Exact)$3,5001 in 10,000
Straight/Box 6-way (Any)$5001 in 1,667
Straight/Box 12-way (Exact)$3,2501 in 10,000
Straight/Box 12-way (Any)$2501 in 833
Straight/Box 24-way (Exact)$3,1251 in 10,000
Straight/Box 24-way (Any)$1251 in 417
Combo 4-way$6,000 ($4 Wager)1 in 2,500
Combo 6-way$6,000 ($6 Wager)1 in 1,667
Combo 12-way$6,000 ($12 Wager)1 in 833
Combo 24-way$6,000 ($24 Wager)1 in 417
1-off Straight$3,0001 in 10,000
1-off (1 Digit)$1521 in 1,250
1-off (2 Digits)$271 in 417
1-off (3 Digits)$171 in 313
1-off (4 Digits)$371 in 625
Front Pair$601 in 100
Back Pair$601 in 100
Middle Pair$601 in 100
Front Three$6001 in 1,000
Back Three$6001 in 1,000

*A $0.50 wager, when possible, reduces the payout by means of half. A guess over $1 will multiply the prize via the identical greenback amount.

Missouri lottery pick 4 historical winning numbers

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How to Play Missouri Pick 4?

  1. You can play this Pick four recreation as lengthy as you’re in Missouri. Otherwise, you may nonetheless take pleasure in numerous video games on overseas lottery websites that almost anybody can use and that we reviewed.
  2. If you’re nonetheless right here and may discover an area retailer nearby, go there and ask for a play slip. On every panel, you’ll outline the numbers and the way you would like to play them. Define the sort of guess for every panel, in keeping with our Prizes & Odds table.
  3. According to the sort of bet, decide as much as 4 digits starting from zero to 9 each. Remember that some bets would require that you simply decide two, three, and even all 4 numbers.
  4. Once you’re happy together with your picks, take into account once you would like so as to add EZMatch to your recreation to have a shot at on the spot prizes. Pay for the play slips and obtain the tickets reminiscent of your participation, and which could be essential to say any prizes.
  5. Bookmark this very web page to be positive you’ll have clean and bonafide info on the newest Missouri Pick four results.

Missouri Pick four Ticket Cost

Advance Draws

For every ticket, you’re eligible to play as much as 14 consecutive drawings in Midday or Evening Pick four attracts with a single purchase. That “Multi Draw” function is discovered in your play slip, and also you may mark it for the 2 each day drawings at once. If you select to play it that way, don’t overlook to examine the Missouri Pick four outcomes right here each day.

The Biggest Missouri Pick four Winners

With over one hundred everyday winners on the Pick four game, the Missouri Lottery can’t spotlight only a pair of them and their stories. Therefore, we don’t have entry to greater than the town and retailer chosen via the winners.

Missouri Pick four History

The historical past of Missouri Pick four isn’t featured on the official website.

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