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Those are rookie numbers meme

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Instagram Addiction

How a lot does the typical consumer swear?

This became a well-liked tweet posted by means of UberFacts, once they determined to take advantage of the meme to say what number of occasions the typical consumer swears a day, which they are saying it’s “80-90” times. Obviously they concept it become humorous to create a comparability with the meme simply to say that one consumer can swear even more.

Black Death Numbers

Back within the 14th Century, the well-known Black Death killed greater than one hundred twenty million people, and this reality has been studied for lots years as a lesson relating to prevention of contagious illnesses by means of rats. That’s why an nameless consumer determined to create this meme with a comparability of the variety of folks lifeless via genocides like Hitler and Stalin, and lastly, the black rats with the Black Death.

Rookie Numbers to Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is legendary as an Internet King, there’s all the time a brand new meme about him, and also you’ll be able to see it on this post. In this photograph shared by way of KnowYourMeme, an Internet consumer allow you to know that 7 memes about Keanu Reeves aren’t enough, and used the well-liked rookie numbers unique meme as a humorous reference.

Australia’s worst Mass Shooting

Here’s an image of a police officer in Australia giving the deadly deads in a single horrible mass capturing in Australia. At that moment, the variety of victims become 7, so the inside track determined to shortly announce that this become the worst mass capturing there. Someone on created a meme about it with “Rookie Numbers” and evaluating it to the mass shootings within the US.

Memes seen with rookie numbers

A consumer by way of Tumblr posted some numbers randomly calculated and utilizing it as a reference of what once you get stats after death, particularly with phrases said, hours spent crying and clearly memes viewed. Someone determined to answer this with the rookie numbers meme as an instantaneous joke for it.

6 Tacos and Rookie Numbers

Tacos are one among the popular dishes via Americans everywhere, and on this case, somebody determined to take advantage of it as a chief matter with the “Those are Rookie numbers” reference. In the picture, somebody asks what number of tacos you may eat, and via answering 6, the meme seems as a reference that you simply ought to eat greater than that.

Americans consuming beer

According to this image, each American drinks not less than 20.8 gallons of beer per year. As a reply of it, somebody created a meme utilizing the “Those are rookie numbers” reference, and making it one thing humorous that became shared a number of occasions on social media platforms. However, this become posted first on

Games and Rookie Numbers

Have you ever felt annoyed for dropping a recreation frequently? An nameless consumer determined to create this meme concentrating on this uncomfortable situation, with the quote “I Just began and I’ve already died like 10 times” and the Rookie numbers reference, since it’s only a joke concerning the a quantity of occasions you’ll possible maintain loss of life within the game.

Americans with owned weapons and Rookie Numbers

Here’s a photograph offering the share of Americans within the world’s population, which is simply 5%, however they personal not less than 48% of the world’s civilian-owned guns, and that become an incredible instance to take advantage of this meme with a darkish sense of humor.

Bulking on energy and Rookie Numbers

In this picture you may inform the joke associated to the variety of energy some guys want when bulking, making an exaggeration with the quantity of 2800 energy per day and quoting that it might be simply the dinner for some. This become first posted on KnowYourMeme.

65,000 Texts

On Redditor empathized, somewhat, saying that she used to textual content an excessive amount of till a man she particularly appreciated informed her that it become irritating. Now she has resolute guidelines on how lengthy to attend between textual content messages and the way many she will ship in a row earlier than they respond.

13 Reasons Why Meme

Here is a Thirteen Reasons Why meme. Someone added the meme in a real-life textual content caption as effectively with the rookie quantity picture to create a humorous Instagram post.

OJ Simpson vs Hilary Clinton

This humorous one won’t make sense once you aren’t a conspiracy theorist. It’s lengthy been rumored and speculated by means of net conspiracy theorists that Hillary Clinton is liable for a number of murders, together with Vince Foster. So, it’s fairly comical to see OJ Simpson bragging about getting away with homicide on one hand just for Hillary Clinton to chime in with the rookie quantity meme.

Breaking Bad Meme

Where would we be and not using a Breaking Bad model of the meme. In it, we see Walter bragging concerning the purity of his drugs, however the picture under it tells him that he’s received a pump the purity quantity is up.

Family vs Memes

In this humorous model of the meme, we see a screenshot from what seems like somebody’s iPhone. On the only hand, an album of household and company photographs has 7 pictures, however the memes album has almost 1,500. Those are rookie numbers is added as a caption to suggest that the disproportionate figures ought to be much extra inflated.

2nd Amendment Meme

If you’re a fan of the Second Amendment, this one doubtless strikes near home. We see the 2 characters bantering again and forth with Leonardo DiCaprio saying that he has three or 4 weapons earlier than Matthew McConaughey advises him that he’s received a bump these numbers up.

Beer Consumption

Somebody produced a map of Europe that exhibits knowledge about beer consumption per capita. The rookie numbers meme is connected to that infographic to joke that folks will not be consuming sufficient beer on the European continent.

Xbox Addiction

If you’re a video gamer, this one could strike near home. Or possibly you’re a involved parent, anxious that your little one has a video gaming addiction. In this model of the meme we see an image from a newspaper article that reads “my son’s eleven hour a day Xbox addiction”. The Matthew McConaughey meme signifies that that’s not sufficient time enjoying Xbox on a regular basis – maybe they need to up their recreation to an all-day marathon number.

3 Billion Hour Videogame Addiction

In the same vein to the earlier meme, we see someone doing a public presentation with a PowerPoint that reads “We spend three billion hours every week enjoying video games. Is it value it?” Again, Matthew McConaughey with wild and intense eyes chimes in to advise that we ought to always increase these stats.

Watched Bee Movie 357 Times

Here is a bizarre one. A information article from Business Insider UK claims that somebody watched the Bee Movie 357 occasions this year, in keeping with Netflix. Again, the meme is utilized to make mild of the situation, suggesting that that isn’t sufficient occasions to have seen the movie. Perhaps they need to put in slightly bit extra effort and hit the four hundred view mark.

NFL Trash Talkers

Here we have got a unprecedented sports activities model of the meme. We are usually not too educated concerning the NFL and football, however the dialog between participant and proprietor signifies that the proprietor is responsible of crimes.


View this submit on Instagram

In a unprecedented instance, we have got a video GIF model of the meme. It looks like this Instagram consumer employed the meme to react to an account (@beingdetermined) that motivates individuals to save lots of extra of their cash and be extra financially prudent.


View this submit on Instagram

Here we see Matthew McConaughey reacting to a velocity lure meme. Somebody posted a excessive rating miles per hour under a velocity restrict warning sign.

Elders Quorum President

View this submit on Instagram

If you’re a video gamer, maybe you perceive this slightly bit higher than us. The quote reads “When the Elders Quorum president asks what number of visits you’ve made throughout your ministering interview”.


Rookie numbers from Warhammer40k

This is certainly a dank historic meme version- Matthew McConaughey is sporting some style of army masks and reacting to an historic wrestle that included Caesar.

When You Don’t Meet Your Ticket Quota (r/ProtectAndServe)

Here we have got a picture of a cop car. People appear to be joking at that is the sort of auto you’re given once you don’t want your price tag quota as a policeman.

An ‘Unusual’ Boy

Rookie numbers from Animemes

Here’s a wierd anime model of the meme, reacting to a probably pretend information story about one boy’s peculiar and morbid situation.


rookie numbers from trebuchetmemes

This is one other one which we’re not too clear on, however it’s fairly well-liked over on the trebuchet memes subreddit. It reads “do you ever simply take a look at your boyfriend or girlfriend and assume the rpg-7 has an efficient differ of 2 hundred meters”.

Those are rookie numbers meaning

those are rookie numbers meaning is one of the most searched questions today. Therefore, the article below is to answer that question. So please try to read it once to know the answer. So that you can know that those are rookie numbers meaning. That way you will be less curious, right?

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What is probably the most iconic quote of all time

1. “I have a dream” – Martin Luther King Jr
2. “The biggest glory in dwelling lies not in by no means falling, however in growing each time we fall”
3. “The method to start is to give up speaking and start doing”
4. “So we beat on, boats towards the current, borne again often into the past”
5. “Be the trade you would like to see within the world” – Mahatma Gandhi
6. “The biggest solution discover whenever you may have faith someone is to believe them” – Ernest Hemingway
7. “If you would like to dwell a cheerful life, tie it to a goal, to not individuals or things” – Albert Einstein
8. “Don’t decide every day via means of the harvest you reap however by the seeds which can be planted” – Robert Louis Stevenson
9. “You can’t assist everyone, however everybody may also assist someone” – Ronald Reagan
10. “Believe you may and you’re midway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

These are a few of probably the most well-known film quotes of all time. They have been quoted in numerous movies, TV shows, and songs. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or The Wizard of Oz, these quotes are certain to convey a smile to your face.

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